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Can Human Rights Be Accomplished Experiment/Events

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1 Jun 2019

Request sent to United Nations Human Rights Council.

14 June 2019

The court request sent.

The request was delivered to the following state organs:

  • President of Russia Vladimir Putin
  • Premier of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev
  • Foreign Affairs of Russia Ministry
  • Internal Affairs of Russia Ministry
  • President of US Donald Trump
  • US Department of the State
  • United Kingdom Premier Minister

The request was also delivered to the following human rights organizations:

  • Human Rights Watch
  • European Commission
  • UN Watch
  • Human Rights First
  • Human Rights Foundation (note: their email did not work, I tried to contact them through Facebook)

21 June 2019

Second court request sent.

23 June 2019

A request with the following links sent to World Human Rights Forum:

24 June 2019

Received a (delayed more than allowed by the law) reply from Kirovskiy district court of Perm city. I do not upload the reply because it contains nothing interesting except of a denial of the request and the advice to apply to a Moscow court where the Ministry of Finances is located.

As I have already applied (after the delay expired illegally) to exactly the same court, I am doing nothing additional.

It seems now impossible to check if the first court replied during my letters to presidents, Human Rights Watch, etc. or it was just a regular delay. The experiment purpose now seems optimistic to attain.