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Can Human Rights Be Accomplished Experiment/Events

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1 Jun 2019

Request sent to United Nations Human Rights Council.

14 June 2019

The court request sent.

The request was delivered to the following state organs:

  • President of Russia Vladimir Putin
  • Premier of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev
  • Foreign Affairs of Russia Ministry
  • Internal Affairs of Russia Ministry
  • President of US Donald Trump
  • US Department of the State
  • United Kingdom Premier Minister

The request was also delivered to the following human rights organizations:

  • Human Rights Watch
  • European Commission
  • UN Watch
  • Human Rights First
  • Human Rights Foundation (note: their email did not work, I tried to contact them through Facebook)

21 June 2019

Second court request sent.

23 June 2019

A request with the following links sent to World Human Rights Forum:

24 June 2019

Received a (delayed more than allowed by the law) reply from Kirovskiy district court of Perm city. I do not upload the reply because it contains nothing interesting except of a denial of the request and the advice to apply to a Moscow court where the Ministry of Finances is located.

As I have already applied (after the delay expired illegally) to exactly the same court, I am doing nothing additional.

It seems now impossible to check if the first court replied during my letters to presidents, Human Rights Watch, etc. or it was just a regular delay. The experiment purpose now seems optimistic to attain.

28 Jun 2019

Received a reply from Internal Affairs Ministry of Russia saying that it is not in their competence.

21 July 2019

Send to Putin:

Dear Putin,
I filed a lawsuit (attached) on June 21 in the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow.
The claim is ignored.
I will demand sanctions against Russia if you do not ensure non-ignoring the law, since Russia is an illusion: unable to respond to emails. No pity.

22 Aug 2019

Жалоба в московскую квалификационную коллегию судей:

Мною был подан 21 июня 1029 гражданский иск в Тверской районный суд г. Москвы (прилагается).

Иск был передан судье Солопове Ольге Николаевне. В установленные законом сроки (с большим запасом) ответ на иск не был прислан. Таким образом вопиющим образом нарушен закон.

Мышление Солоповой Ольги понятно и очевидно:

Дело смешное и постыдное. Юмор и стыд имеют приоритет над законом. Поэтому выполнять закон не следует.

Требую передать мое дело другому судье.

Требую возбудить уголовное дело против Солоповой Ольги о халатности.

Требую признать Солопову Ольгу невменяемой, в силу того, что стыд сделал нормальное функционирование ее мозга невозможным, в частности она оказалась не в состоянии отвечать на сообщения.

Таким образом, Солопова Ольга не способна отвечать: ни по закону, ни на сообщения.


I also have sent this appeal to the Moscow Arbitration Court. The answer followed very quickly and was that the appeal should be sent to the court where Solopova is the chairman. The Russian parliament members need psychiatric help, too: They set to appeal against a chairman of a court to him/her- self! Currently, I am not going to send this appeal as useless.