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Can Human Rights Be Accomplished Experiment/Motivation

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Victor Porton was severely discriminated in Russia due his unusual religious and political views.

Particularly he suffered severe hunger and was beaten by head using a frying pan.

This raised before him the following issue: If I follow the rules of my religion, I am discriminated, I cannot work, preach, do anything useful for the society. Moreover I am beaten by the head what drives me mad, and if I am mad I cannot follow the rules anyway. Among of the direct harm of brain damage, Porton was confused by the fact that brain damage makes a human mad what contradicted his concept of soul.

To resolve this issue, a new religion appeared. The issue with brain and soul was resolved this way: A man thinks with the brain, but soul is an external backup copy of the brain.

Victor Porton decided that God made this with the following purposes:

  • to create a new religion (It is somehow similar to a computer which follows a wrong algorithm and switched to another algorithm until all resources such as memory are exhausted.)
  • to cause legal harm, in order to be able to start the lawsuit of this experiment.

So Porton decided to start this experiment.

Whether his rights are protected, Porton would count this experiment as a success, because it is a scientific result.

Porton estimated the harm caused by the discrimination for his scientific research as $4 trillion, and request acceptance of the full compensation not only missing professor salary. To check experimentally if gross human rights violations can be defended, Porton decided to check if the full compensation can be assigned, even despite such a request is likely to be ignored what may cause him remaining poor what could harm his mathematical and computer science research.

Theological motivation

This experiment bears similarity to:

  • Last Judgement (or related events)
  • Witnesses of the Apocalypse (however, Porton is more like a plaintiff)

So Porton wants to experimentally check if they are related.