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Can Human Rights Be Accomplished Experiment/Motivation

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Victor Porton was severely discriminated in Russia due his unusual religious and political views.

Particularly he suffered severe hunger and was beaten by head using a frying pan.

This raised before him the following issue: If I follow the rules of my religion, I am discriminated, I cannot work, preach, do anything useful for the society. Moreover I am beaten by the head what drives me mad, and if I am mad I cannot follow the rules anyway. Among of the direct harm of brain damage, Porton was confused by the fact that brain damage makes a human mad what contradicted his concept of soul.

To resolve this issue, a new religion appeared. The issue with brain and soul was resolved this way: A man thinks with the brain, but soul is an external backup copy of the brain.

Victor Porton decided that God made this with the following purposes:

  • to create a new religion (It is somehow similar to a computer which follows a wrong algorithm and switched to another algorithm until all resources such as memory are exhausted.)
  • to cause legal harm, in order to be able to start the lawsuit of this experiment.

Whether his rights are protects, Porton would count this experiment as a success, because it is a scientific result.

Theological motivation

This experiment bears similarity to:

  • Last Judgement (or related events)
  • Witnesses of the Apocalypse (however, Porton is more like a plaintiff)

So Porton wants to experimentally check if they are related.