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Research in the middle

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A usage of this site is to publish research-in-the-middle: rough research ideas (such as proof ideas), negative results, incomplete calculations, etc.

We will follow general ideas and conventions of Polymath Project.

However, this project is a dual of Polymath project:

  • Polymath is for precisely formulated problems, this wiki is not only for precise formulations but also for rough ideas.
  • Polymath is for problems of interest to wide variety of mathematicians, this wiki is for more special problems which may involve additional learning before joining projects presented on this site.
  • Polymath develops primarely on blogs and then in the wiki, this project is meant to be developed inside this wiki (don't hesitate to use blogs if you want, however).
  • Polymath project comes in waves focusing on particular problems. This site is to present as much problems as possible, simultaneously.

This project is similar to Polymath project in the respect that these both are for massively collaborated math research.

You should not just add open problems here, as it is better suited to use Open Problem Garden for this purpose. You should add conjectures in context of a research (how a conjecture can be useful for future research, et cetera).

You may also add vague (not rigorously formulated) problems and research fragments to this wiki.

The motto of this wiki is "a research in the middle" that is you put there intermediary results and aspirations of your research.

The list of our research projects is available at Category:Research in the middle. Please participate in these projects.

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