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Wireless setup is simple, requiring solely a fast pairing confirmation through Bluetooth before the Wi-Fi connection is made. From that time on, I experienced quick and seamless connection every time I started the car. With the F-150's 12-inch display divided into several sections with the cut up-display view on the left and right, persistent navigation bar at the underside, and fairly large standing bar at the top, CarPlay feels prefer it takes up a comparatively small portion of the general screen actual estate. It's actually practical, however you won't get the expansive CarPlay expertise you see on some other automobiles the place it may display in widescreen at larger resolution. CarPlay also appears a bit out of place in opposition to the relatively monochrome SYNC 4 system that takes up the remainder of the display. However CarPlay performs properly, and that i noticed no lag or other issues when utilizing both a wired or wireless connection.

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